Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lens enhance the vision of the wearer by reducing spectacle aberrations and increasing the visual field, thus giving a natural vision.

At Dr. Kothari’s eye hospital we begin with a comprehensive eye examination to help you get the best fit, and also teach you how to use and maintain contact lenses. The choice of contact lenses is based on the clinical findings of your doctor, lifestyle and personal preferences of the patient.

The contact lenses available are:

  1. Soft contact lenses.
  2. Standard Contact lenses: Available as spherical lenses and toric lenses which can be used every day for about 8 hours and should be replaced every year.
  3. Disposable contact lenses: These latest generation lenses are available as spherical and toric contact lenses which can be disposed as either quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly or on a daily basis.
  4. Cosmetic contact lenses: As the name suggests, these lenses are worn to enhance cosmetic appearance by changing the eye color.
  5. Semi-soft contact lenses: When a person is intolerant to soft contact lenses due to allergy or under correction of high astigmatism, he will be advised to wear semi-soft contact lenses. These lenses are specially designed to match the patient's corneal contour thereby resulting in a sharper and clearer vision.
  6. Rose K lenses
  7. Scleral lenses
  8. Kerasoft lenses