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Dr Kothari's Eye Hospital is dedicated to the protection, preservation and restoration of vision for children, who have a world to discover and explore, as well as for adults, who desire to live independently and with dignity, at any age. Patients always come first . We respect the trust you place in us each day and offer you our very best through a singular vision of excellence in healthcare, education and innovative research. Dr Kothari's Eye Hospital is the most experienced and well known super-speciality eye care hospital in the city. It covers everything, from maintaining optimum vision, preventing deterioration to correcting vision-related problems. It covers everything, from maintaining optimum vision, preventing deterioration to correcting vision related problems. All this through our exceptional array of preventive and corrective procedures and cutting-edge practices.

We are one of the very few hospital with all the specialties of eye care under one roof making cross consultation easy and seamless. All eye disorders including the most complicated ones are treated here with utmost precision & good success rate. Dr Kothari's Eye Hospital has cutting-edge facilities both for basic and advanced diagnostic tests and surgeries. The hospital ensures best quality total eye care for all the patients and is one of the pioneers for introducing the latest technologies for eye care.


Director Desk


Director Desk

Dr. Kothari's Eye Hospital had a humble beginning as a small clinic at Town Hall, Udaipur in 1979. Over the years, we have grown to a fully equipped Eye Hospital providing complete eye care facilities to patients. With over 35 to 40 years of eye-care expertise, we pride ourselves on our focus on clinical excellence and personalized care at affordable prices. . We are also recognised by the Rajasthan government for providing services to the government officials and pensioners.

Under the aegis of Dr. Kothari's Eye Hospital we established the Vision Foundation Trust in 2007 with a mission to provide free eye care services to patients in the rural areas surrounding Udaipur. The trust organises various camps throughout the year to treat and operate patients in these areas free of cost. We have also been associated with various national and international organisations for providing free eye care services including the Karl Kahne Foundation, Switzerland which helps us increase our reach to the society.

As a centre for clinical excellence, it is our endeavour to take eye-care standards to greater heights and continue serving society.

Dr. Anil Kothari

Why Choose Us

  • We are two generation of eye doctors treating four generations of patients.
  • Kothari eye hospital has helped thousands of patients with a variety of eye problems.
  • All specialities like Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina etc with the latest equipments are offered under one roof.
  • On the panel of all the Insurance Companies & prominent Third Party Assurers (TPA).
  • We are recognised by the government of Rajasthan for the treatment of government employees and pensioners.

Our Trust

Vision Foundation Trust is a charitable trust founded by Dr Anil Kothari under the aegis of Dr Kotharis's Eye Hospital in the year 2007.

Main Objectives of Trust


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